BBM coming to iOS and Android this week

BlackBerry has announced that the Android and iOS versions of their BlackBerry messenger apps will be finally released this week. The app was supposed to originally come out at the end of last month, but BlackBerry chose to delay the launch after a version of the app was leaked to the public prematurely. BlackBerry has released data claiming that the leaked app was installed by about 1 million Android users which apparently shows that the app is in huge demand. BlackBerry also claimed that 1 million iOS users also managed to get the app installed on their Apple devices.



According to BlackBerry, the app will soon be released on the iOS app store, the Google Play store and some selected Samsung App stores. Interestingly though, BlackBerry is expecting a huge surge of users when the app hits the stores, therefore its implementing a wait list for signing up for the service. Users will not be able to use the app immediately; they will have to join a wait list when they open the app and reserve their spot. They will gain access to the service when their turn comes which might take days. People who had signed up on will be able to skip the queue and use the service as soon as it launches.


Even though the waitlist approach has been frowned upon by a lot of people, BlackBerry chose to take that approach as a precautionary measure. If the numbers cited above are true, the service can surely crash when so many people try to access it at once.

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