Apple launches iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display

As predicted, Apple took design cues from the iPad mini, and overhauled the design of the iPad making it thinner and lighter. The new 5th generation iPad has been named iPad Air by Apple, and is a bit smaller in size, although the screen size has remained the same. Apple has shaved off a few inches by reducing the bezels on either side of the screen.



Compared to the previous generation iPad, which weighed 1.4 pounds, the iPad Air weighs only 1 pound. The Apple A7 chip will run the iPad Air making it a lot faster than before. Just like the iPhone 5S, the new iPad will run on 64 bit architecture. Apple has managed to make all these improvements while keeping the 10 hour battery life intact. iPad Air will replace the 4th gen iPad in the product line, and the iPad 2 will continue to sell as before.


The iPad mini also received a major internal overhaul, apart from the Retina Display. The previous iPad mini had A5 chip, but the new version of the device will have A7 chip and the same 64 bit architecture as the iPad Air and iPhone 5S. Both the iPad mini and the iPad Air will come with faster WiFi, thanks to MIMO technology. Disappointingly though, Apple has not made any improvements in the rear view camera of the iPads.


Apple will continue selling the previous generation iPad mini at a reduced cost of $299, whereas the new iPad mini will cost $399.

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