Samsung's JK Shin: Over 38 million Galaxy Notes sold in the last couple of years

Samsung has just announced the sales of its entire Galaxy line of phones and tablets, and it makes for some very impressive reading. Read on below the break to know more.

The Galaxy Note is an established brand now, and in a press meet in the IFA following the blockbuster launches of two of its latest iterations. the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, the Korean giants commented about the success of the Galaxy Note series of devices.

According to Samsung CEO JK Shin, the sales of the entire Galaxy Note line in the couple of years that its been around is a whopping 38 million.

The Samsung galaxy Note was a subject of ridicule back when it was first launched , considering that phablets seemed to have no viable market to sell to post the dell streak debacle. Samsung turned that on its head with the hugely successful galaxy note I though. They diversified into even tablets that bore the same name, even though all that the tablets had in common with the phones were the support for a stylus and premium prices.


JK Shin went on to claim that he expected 10 million units of the Note 3 to be sold (probably in the launch quarter, given that he didn’t specify any time period). Given the long history of success that this Samsung brand has enjoyed in the recent past, that is a far from outlandish ballpark figure.

With a launch in a couple of weeks, the Note 3 has a chance of making a mark in the phablet market, just like its predecessors.



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