Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Tablet Photo Gets Leaked

Samsung has specifically tried to have a diverse and large product line for a long time now, and the sheer number of choices and customizations that it offers to target different consumers may just be a major reason for its popularity. However, for all the various tablets that they have released in the last few years, they have never tried going beyond the 10 inch form factor. In fact, the only 10”+ tablet from the major tablet makers happened to be the Surface Pro and RT from Microsoft. Now, however, Samsung seems to have decided to test the waters in a whole new niche by launching a super sized tablet with a 12.2”, and keeping in line with the gigantic phablet line that is the Note series, this new Samsung tablet is being dubbed the Note 12.2. Read on below the break to know more about it.







The Note 12.2 has been a long rumored device, and it may finally be on the verge of a release this month, along with the high profile Note III phablet. The 12.2 inch screen in the Note tablet will probably be an LCD one, and there seems to be no reason not to believe that this isn’t the flagship level product that most Galaxy Note branded products tend to be. This means that there is a high likelihood that its screen resolution is 2560x1600, and itll also have an Exynos 5 Octa processor.


While nothing about the Note 12.2 is concrete yet, if it does get a September launch as expected, there should be more leaks coming our way soon enough.




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