Microsoft announces promo buyback offer for iPads to boost Surface sales?

Microsoft has just announced a new offer to exchange ‘gently used’ iPads for Microsoft Store credit of at least $200. The offered credit can be redeemed by either buying Microsoft products like Office, or even a new Surface RT or Surface Pro.






The Microsoft Surface line of tablets haven’t exactly set the world on fire, to say the least, as the Redmond company has had to write down nearly a billion dollars’ worth of inventory on account of poor sales. In contrast, Apple has just been getting more and more successful with every new iteration of the iPad, to the point where even the apparently lackluster (according to the reviews, at least) iPad Mini is the bestselling iPad of all. Microsoft had expected that bundling freebies such as its industry defining Office suite of apps would be enough to entice customers to paying over twice as much as they needed to for an iPad, but a poorly optimized way to run legacy software, along with a VERY limited collection of compatible apps made it the sales disaster that it proved to be.


The $200+ credit on offer may sound like quite a decent deal on paper at least in exchange for the $349 Surface RT, but there’s a catch (or three). Microsoft will be revamping its Surface line of tablets within a month or two in all likelihood, making the current generation get obsolete faster than you’d expect. Moreover, the Surface RT is the more hamstrung of the two Surface tablet varieties by quite some distance. In any case, head to the link below if the offer sounds good to you!



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