iPhone 5S photos get leaked, seem to have fingerprint sensor around home button

With barely a couple of days left for the major iPhone event that Apple has lined up for the 10th of September, there seem to be an increasingly definitive spate of leaks about Apple’s plans for the event. As we’ve covered plenty of times earlier, Apple is expected to release a full fledged follow up to the iPhone 5, and it’ll be called the iPhone 5S. Moreover, it will also be releasing a lower cost version of the same phone that’s called the iPhone 5C. There has been limited information available about the 5S so far, as few people have any idea what Apple can improve on in the already impressive iPhone 5, but we may have an idea now according to some leaked photos. Read on below the break to know more.







A Chinese site called C Technology has released some photos of the packaging for what seems to be the iPhone 5S. As some had predicted, it seems to have a silver ring around the home button, and the consensus in the tech media seems to be that it will be acting like a fingerprint sensor for the iPhone to provide an added layer of security beyond passcodes and the like.



Although the rumors about a fingerprint sensor in Apple’s next generation products has been rumored for quite some time now, it was rather hard to really understand how Apple would go about making a sensor in a device with as little expendable area as an iPhone, without ruining the entire look of their prized flagship phone. As it turns out, they seem to have found an elegant solution for the problem after all. What remains to be seen is whether this sensor actually works as well as it should.

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