Apple’s new iPhone 5S: Here’s what you need to know

The much awaited Apple event on September 12 brought two new iPhones to the world, as expected, along with a look at the final release form of iOS 7. We have been talking about only the software side of things from the launch in the couple of days since the event, so we are going to move on to the big one now – the iPhone 5S.  Read on below the break to know more about the Apple flagship smartphone.









Apple didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel with the iPhone 5S, but it has brought in some great new tweaks to the iPhone user experience with the launch of the 5S.

The fingerprint sensor is a great case in point. The sheer amount of data available on today’s smartphones rivals that on computers, but their security measures are decidedly rudimentary and cumbersome. One simple ring around the home button has done away with that issue while also making the entire verification process a lot safer.


The iPhone 5S has longer battery life than the iPhone 5, according to Apple. The Cupertino company estimates the 5S to have a full ten hours of talk time, as opposed to the 8 hours of its predecessor.


The camera may not have been improved in terms of megapixels, staying the 8 MP one that it was earlier, a better aperture and larger sensor make photos clicked by the latest iPhone far better than those from before.


The iPhone 5S will be available to the buying public from the 20th of this month. Stay tuned to know more about the new Apple phone!

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