Is Apple working on 12 inch iPad with Quanta?

A report from a Chinese news publication has just claimed that Apple may finally be ready to launch a larger iPad, and it would have a screen size of 12 inches. Read on below the break to know more.




According to United Daily News from China, Apple is working with their frequent Taiwanese collaborators Quanta in order to build a larger screened model of their premier iPad tablet, and it will have a screen size of 12 inches. Apple used to be rather averse to modifying the form factors of its various devices, but as the iPad Mini has proved rather conclusively, they have a lot of consumers waiting in the wings for alternatives to their existing devices. A 12 inch iPad would be a fair bit larger than the normal 9.7 inch sized iPad line, and it would be bigger than even its 11 inch Macbook Air notebook computers. Speaking of which, Quanta has worked with Apple for its Macbook Air line already, along with chipping in for the video iPod that was released back in 2006. There is a distinct possibility that a larger iPad, whether of 12 inches as this report claims, or of 13 inches as the Wall Street Journal claims it is, would eat into the sales of its smaller sized Macbooks. But Apple has never been one to worry about the sales of its products getting cannibalized, and this would just be more of the same for them, if true.




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