Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 in order to remove lock screen vulnerability


Apple has just released a small but important update to its just released iOS 7 in order to patch a security flaw that allowed users to bypass a passcode protected iDevice by pulling up the Control Center in the Lock Screen. Read on below the break to know more.





The new iOS 7.0.2 update is a small 21 MB download for both the iPad and iPhone. Its change log states that it fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the lock screen with a little bit of effort, for starters. Moreover, there was no Greek keyboard available in iOS 7 in the lock screen’s passcode entry step, and iOS 7.0.2 changes that by putting it back where it needed to be for some users.



The lock screen bug in iOS 7 was discovered around a week ago, and it allowed a user to bypass the passcode in the lock screen by following a slightly convoluted series of steps. One had to pull up the Control Center in the lock screen and press the Clock option. From there, the device had to be brought to the powering off screen, where one had to press the Cancel button and then use the homescreen button to access the multitasking menu, where apps could be accessed quite easily.


While the security flaw was actually quite easy to patch anyway (by simply disabling the Control Center in the lock screen), it was effectively doing away with one of iOS 7’s headlining features. This new update sorts that out and effectively lets everyone use iOS 7 the way Apple envisioned it to be used, without any potential security issues.





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