Apple launches iOS 7 for iPhone & iPad with a major visual overhaul

Apple released the latest version of its iOS mobile operating systems for devices such as the iPhone and iPad today, and it has brought along a plethora of new changes in the OS that had received no significant redesign since its launch back in 2007 with the first iPhone. Read on below the break to know more.




iOS 7 brings in a host of new changes and features. Firstly, the OS receives the kind of makeover that it had never received before this, as it adopts the flat design ethos made so popular by Windows Phone and Android’s look post-Ice Cream Sandwich. Siri has been made a lot more powerful, both male and female options have been added to placed where only one was available. Multitasking uses the card-based approach first seen in the doomed webOS, and then Android. Notification Centre has received some much needed usability improvements as well.


Users with compatible Apple devices need to head to their Settings app, hit the General option, and head to Software update to get iOS 7.0. Although the over-the-air file size varies from device to device, it tends to be roughly 700 MB for the most part. You will need a stable net connection as well to get the upgrade done, as any interruptions or disconnections halt your download and it cannot be resumed from there. You can also download the entire update through iTunes, but the file size may be well over a GB in that case.

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