Apple makes iWork, iMovie and iPhoto available for free to new iOS device owners

Apple got done with a high profile launch event yesterday, but there was one more highly interesting announcement made yesterday for existing iOS device owners – Apple will be providing recent buyers of either iPhones or iPads its entire suite of apps for creating content for free. Read on below the break to know more.






Apple claims that any consumer who bought a new iOS device (or at least activated it) after a September 1 deadline date will be getting its entire suite of content creation apps for free. These apps include iWork, iMovie and iPhoto.  They cost around $40 together on the App Store generally, making them among the pricier options in the Store, but their sheer usability and clear cut iCloud integration has still made them among the more popular productivity apps for iOS around.


While this seems to be a rather surprising step for Apple to take on the eve of the launch of its products, it most certainly isn’t without a precedent. Google has been bundling its Drive app (which includes an easy editor for Docs, Spreadsheets and the like) with its Google app suite in Android devices, while Microsoft put in the Office 2013 RT into its other half baked Surface RT Windows 8 tablet.


With this extreme price drop on the eve of the launch of what could be two of its best selling products, Apple has thrown a major curve ball at all analyst predictions for the sales numbers of the two new iPhones.



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