School season’s almost here: Do you buy an iPad or iPad Mini?

It’s the time of the year when summer vacations are winding up, and schools and colleges gradually start reopening again. In this day and age, a simple text book is never enough for any student, as a tablet is a must-have for a huge number of students. Read on below the break to decide between the iPad Mini, and the iPad with Retina Displays!

The iPad Mini’s form factor is probably the single biggest factor in its favor. The fact that it offers the full iPad experience in a truly portable form factor is something that simply can’t be overstated, as it proves to be a handy slate to carry around everywhere with you, as compared to the full size 9.7” iPad. With a 7.9” footprint, the iPad Mini is almost like a textbook, and almost certainly lighter than one! More importantly, it’s also a fair bit cheaper than full size iPads.


The iPad Mini does lose out in one aspect though - its screen. As we’ve mentioned before, the iPad Mini has represented a step backward for Apple, as it’s been the company that started the device display resolution arms race with its Retina displays, and yet the Mini has a screen that harkens back to the iPad 2’s 1024 x 768 display, along with a processor that’s a couple of generations old as well.

The Retina display is probably not a killer feature for most people though (apart from the superficial display sharpness aspect). However, if you’re into design of any sort, the occasionally pixelated iPad Mini screen (which isn’t as surprising as it sounds, given that it has a pixel density of 163 ppi) is probably not ideal for you, and you should go with the 3rd or 4th gen 9.7” iPads instead.

Clearly, your choice of iPad depends on your needs. We hope this post helped you resolve some of your confusion!

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