Samsung to supplying most 5th gen iPad displays to Apple?

A recent report showed that Apple had terminated its relationship with AUO Optronics for supplying Retina displays for the next iPad Mini, and roped in Samsung to help supply those displays.

A new report indicates that the situation is quite similar with the full size iPad as well, as Samsung seems to be eking out a lead in the number of displays supplied to Apple for even the 5th gen iPad now. Read on below the break to know more!








The intense legal drama surrounding Apple and Samsung has become the stuff of corporate legend already, and that’s not exactly going to change anytime soon, given that they have plenty of lawsuits lined up against each other across the world. This has been a strange situation for both companies, however, as Samsung’s hardware manufacturing chops have meant that Apple has had to rely on them for supplying the parts for most of their iPads and iPhones so far. Following their legal wrangling, however, the prediction from most quarters was that Apple would wean itself away from its Samsung dependence, and rely on other manufacturers more and more as time went by.


A research note from NPD Displaysearch indicated that Samsung supplied more 5th gen iPad displays to Apple than LG Display in April and June, and went up 80% in a single quarter.

It’s clear that the two companies are bound to be strange bedfellows for quite some time now, but this has just proved that practically no other companies are dealing with the kind of stratospheric product volumes that Samsung and Apple consider passé. Stay tuned to know what new turn lies ahead for the two companies!




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