Samsung adds perks for buying select Galaxy tablets

Samsung has introduced some new promotional offers for new owners of some of its Android tablets such as the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab 3, and Galaxy tab 2 10.1. In case you are looking to buy one of these three tablets anytime soon, or if you simply can’t make up your mind about whether you should take the plunge and make your wallet a few hundred dollars lighter for a tablet that isn’t the iPad, you should check out these perks from Samsung, as they might just get convinced!

Read on below the break to know more about what Samsung has on offer for its new tablet buyers.







Samsung is offering 50 GB of free expanded Dropbox storage for a period of two years with purchases of all three tablets. Storing data on the cloud is all the rage now, and Dropbox is among the most reliable cloud storage options available to consumers. The Note 8.0 buyers will be credited $25 for Google Play purchases, while the various versions of the Tab 3 and the Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition will get $10. There will be three months of free Hulu Plus and Boingo Wifi access as well.


Samsung has been one of the primary players in the Android tablet market ever since Android tablets have been a thing, all thanks to its Galaxy Tab line of slates. It went on to expand that line by launching the Note phablets and tablets, and there were even many variants of a Tab 2 and Tab 3 released by the Korean company in 2013. Alas, it has seen its position in the market slowly slip out of its grasp, as a lot of the competition has been offering Android tablets at more competitive prices and better specs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, for instance, have been a revelation, and have gone from strength to strength in the time they’ve been out in the market. Google’s very own Nexus tablets are hugely popular as well for being among the cheapest and yet fastest Android tablets around. These new perks may not necessarily stem the rot, but they may just make the Samsung tablets seem more buyable than they have been of late.




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