Report confirms that Apple will start shipping two new iPhones from ‘next month’

It’s almost a foregone conclusion by now that the upcoming Apple event on the 10th of September will be an iPhone themed event, with one, if not two, new iPhone models set for launch then. A new report from the Wall Street Journal reiterates that fact by citing sources in the supply chain in saying that Apple has 2 iPhones lined up for launch by around mid September. Read on below the break to know more.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Apple has already asked Hon Hai Precision (an assembling company) to kick off the shipping process by early September for both a normal and a cheaper iPhone.

The iPhone 5S is being called the flagship handset of the iPhone line now (given how Apple has consciously stayed away from diversifying its iPhones, the concept of a ‘flagship’ Apple iPhone is novel in itself), and is expected to have a fingerprint sensor at launch. It’s also expected to come in a gold trim that’s being called an elegant, ‘champagne’ shade of gold, rather than being tacky.


The cheaper iPhone, dubbed the 5C in many circles, is expected to be a somewhat cheaper model of the iPhone 5, albeit with cheaper materials. Apple is expected to cut down on the expensive glass and metal used in the body of usual iPhones, and instead go with a plastic body for the iPhone 5C.

With slowing sales growth for its iPhones, Apple is clearly trying to get creative and deal with the problem by launching a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets (which have so far had little access to the iPhone all thanks to the lack of carrier subsidies available globally), as well as customizing its flagship high end iPhone. Let’s see how this pans out!

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