New report claims that more Android tablets were sold in Q2 than iPads


Ever since the iPad got a launch in 2010, there has been a popular consensus that it has the best sales numbers in the entire tablet sector, regardless of what its competition is. We’ve seen stats that indicate that over 90% of all mobile web traffic is driven by iPads/iPhones, as incomprehensible as that sounds.


Now, on the reverse end of the spectrum, a new report from the famed data analytics firm Strategy Analytics indicates that even though tablet shipments went up overall globally in the 1st quarter of 2013 the market share of iPads in the tablet market has shrunk to well below a third in the same period of time. This seems to be explained by the huge gains made by Android based tablets, as well as the presence of the new kids on the block – tablets based on Windows 8. Read on below the break to know more.





According to the Strategy Analytics report, global tablet shipments got to 51.7 million units in the first quarter of 2013. Android secured a massive 67 % market share globally, while the iOS based Apple iPad Mini and iPad declined to 28 %. Windows managed to get a finger in the pie as well, as it managed to get a 4.5 % global share.


The Android movement is unsurprisingly helped by the efforts made by Samsung (with its Galaxy tablets), Amazon (Kindle Fire HD), and Google itself (Nexus 7 & 10), but even ‘white-box’ tablets (i.e. tablets with assembled hardware and not branded by the known names in the market) managed to provide a huge push forward for Androids due to their price points. Google for that matter has just released a new Nexus 7 as well, and it has received a great deal of critical adulation so far. However, this ‘victory’ for Android is tempered by the fact that Apple is well into a year of launching most of its iPad line, and should the next set of iPads be up to expectations, expect the status quo to be thrown out of the window soon enough!

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