Parallels launches Access: A virtualization app/service to run Windows/Mac Apps run in the iPad

Parallels Inc. (of Parallels Desktop fame) has launched a new app (and underlying service) called Access for the iPad. With the help of some supporting software in your computer, it makes it possible for you to get a full computer experience when using the applications you need. Read on below the break to know more about it.








For all its popularity, a common complaint against the iPad is that it isn’t particularly good as a device to go ‘real work’ with. This isn’t particularly surprising given that few iPad apps offer the identical experience to that found on computers, and the restricted screen real estate and virtual keyboard can be a hassle to deal with.


A full year’s subscription to the Parallels Access service is worth $79.99. The service also needs a Desktop Agent on your Mac or Windows computer in order to work. The Mac version of the Agent comes with a 14 day trial, beyond which you need to pay more. On the other hand, the Windows version is currently in a public beta and is completely free for use.


Despite the presence of other competitors like CloudON and OnLive, Parallels Access is likely to create a niche for itself. That will be primarily due to the name that Parallels has made for itself in the desktop virtualization market for computers already, as its brand name has recall value not enjoyed by its competitors. However, it must be said that Parallels Access is still not an outright substitute for working on a real computer with a physical keyboard / mouse, and it may lose some of its appeal to anyone looking to do their work from scratch. In any case, if the idea of the app appeals to you, head to the App Store link below to download Parallels Access right away.



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