No iPads to be released in Apple September 10 event

There’s an Apple event coming up in a couple of weeks, on the 10th of September, and there has been a lot of talk about what Apple has up its sleeves for the event. It seems to be an open secret that Apple plans to launch a couple of iPhones in that event (namely, the iPhone 5 successor, or the 5S, and the first low cost version of the iPhone, named iPhone 5C). The scenario with its iPad series of tablets seems to a lot sketchier though, as Apple has been reportedly facing major production issues involved in mass producing Retina displays for a 7.9” form factor of the 2nd gen iPad Mini. Hence, on those lines, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop Insight has summarily dismissed the possibility of any iPad getting launched on the 10th of September, Mini or otherwise. Read on below the break to know more.








The report has been based on the fact that some parts of the media (namely Bloomberg) have started claiming that Apple was looking to fast track the iPad release cycle to get it launched with the iPhone.

Moreover, various devs and members of the tech media have claimed that iOS 7 is still not ready for the iPad, so that may just be a hitch to the release cycle of the tablets as well.


Head to the source link below to read for yourself about Jim Dalrymple’s terse rejection of any possibility of an iPad release in the short term.



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