Fifth gen iPad to use same panel tech as the iPad Mini for more thinness, lightness


There’s been a great deal of talk about what Apple has in store for the next iPad Mini, or to be more specific, whether it will have a high resolution Retina display or not. Speculation about the next full size 9.7” iPad has been a lot more muted however. Being the fifth generation of Apple’s best selling tablet line, it’s hard to assume whether there really is anything that Apple can significantly improve upon in the 4th gen iPad with Retina Display. In any case, a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple may be looking closer home at its own iPad Mini tablet in order to improve upon the existing full sized iPad. Read on below the break to know more.








The Wall Street Journal report claims that Apple will be calling on its Asian suppliers to produce screens with the same kind of touch panel sensor technology that was first seen in the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini proved to be one of the thinnest and lightest tablets in the world all thanks to the film based touch panels that were used in making the touch sensors in its screen. This was very different from the glass based touch panels found in full sized iPads from the very first version of the tablet, which put serious limitations on their physical dimensions.



It goes without saying that there’s little that Apple could do to improve upon the current iPad in the present day, without adding in superfluous features in the vein of the likes of Samsung. Making the iPad even more portable is a great step forward, though.


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