Analyst claims iPhone 5S will come in gold color and 128 GB version; possible photo gets leaked



There are about three weeks left to September 10, the date of the Apple event when the global press is unanimously expecting the Cupertino company to bring at least one, if not two new iPhones to the world. The cheaper iPhone 5C is one of them, while the other is expected to be a normal (if not marginal) upgrade to the iPhone 5, and is being dubbed the iPhone 5S. There have been some reports floating around about the predictions made by the usually reliable KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo. Read on below the break to know more about what the analyst had to say!






KGI’s Ming Chi Kuo claims that Apple will be offering a 128 GB version of the iPhone at long last, starting with the upcoming iPhone 5S. Storage options have been a bone of contention between pro Apple and pro Android crowds when it comes to Apple products, as Apple has always refused to offer expandable storage in any of their mobile devices. The iPhone 5S may just be the first iPhone with its kind of storage options.


Moreover, Apple may choose to take a departure from its typical Black or White color styles in its iPhones, as Chi Kuo claims that it will be offered in a premium gold version as well.



The photo embedded above is purportedly one of an actual gold iPhone 5S, sourced from a French tech site called Macboutic. It seems to have the exact same form factor as the iPhone 5, which isn’t surprising considering that the 5S is not expected to be a huge upgrade over the former in any case.


While the new and increased storage option in the 5S is probably a long overdue upgrade to the iPhone line, the gold version of the Apple smartphone seems to go against Apple’s strict adherence to making its software and hardware as minimalistic as it possibly can. It’ll still be a huge hit though, in all likelihood, so start getting used to the idea of one being in the hands of people around you soon!



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