Amazon offering Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 at just $119.99, Autumn Brown version available as well

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 has proved to be a colossal hit across the world, with its incredible specs, consumer goodwill, and some savvy marketing chops from the Korean company. It has proved to be a more than viable alternative in the US to Apple’s iPhone, and it has been extremely popular for being an Android phone which hasn’t had (too much of) the bad that comes with phones powered by the Google operating system.


Now, however, Verizon and Amazon have gone ahead and put up the Galaxy S 4 on sale at a heavily reduced price of $119.99. Read on below the break to know more!









The Galaxy S 4 retails at $199.99 for the base model, a 16 GB version. The new Amazon offer makes it possible for new Verizon customers to buy into a 2 year contract with the S 4 at just $119.99. Existing customers have to settle for a slightly higher price of $149.99. Also included among the variants available on offer in this deal is the Autumn Brown Galaxy S 4 – a new shade of the phone that’s had its fair share of demand.




If you have been thinking about switching to a new carrier for a while (or to Verizon, specifically), this Galaxy S 4 offer may just sweeten the deal for you a great deal. Even if you’re an existing Verizon customer, the reduced offer price is quite an incentive for you to go ahead and get the top end smartphone that you’ve always wanted. But you may want to hurry up folks, there’s no certainty that this offer will last very long! Head to the Amazon site here to order the phone right away.





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