Skype for iPad gets updated to version 4.9; adds video messaging

Facetime may be the app of choice for most Apple users when it comes to satisfying their video chatting needs, but Skype is another exceedingly popular option among users globally due to its cross platform nature and versatility. Thus, regular Skype users will be happy to know that their app of choice has received a fairly major update – one that has added a free and unlimited video messaging feature on top of other improvements. Read on below the break to know more about this new update!





Video messaging is a feature that adds to the convenience of a chat oriented app such as Skype. It has been around on the iPad app for quite some time now, but with a slight issue: it only allowed 20 free video messages before needing a Premium account for unlimited messages. That isn’t the case any longer as video messaging is now free and unlimited on Skype for iPad.

On top of that, the latest update claims to provide audio and video call stability improvements – something that is always rather crucial in an app like Skype. Photo sharing is said to have been made more reliable as well, which is quite a relief as well, given that it tended to be rather broken in earlier versions. Coming back to video messaging, it has been made more accessible / visible now, given that it has turned into a core focus of this update, and is completely free and unrestricted. Finally, the usual bug fixes and improvements top of a fairly major update to version 4.9 of Skype for iPad.

You can get it from the App Store here.

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