Samsung Galaxy S 4 sales reportedly cross the 20 million mark

Samsung has had a blockbuster in its hands with the Galaxy S 4, that much is an indisputable fact. However, despite it being the bestselling smartphone in the most popular series of smartphones manufactured by any company to boot, there had been some murmurings that seemed to hint at some level of disappointment at the sales of the S 4. From the looks of it though, those seeds of doubt seemed to have been completely unfounded as latest reports out of Korea (Samsung’s home country) indicate that the Galaxy S 4 has indeed crossed the 20 million mark in number of units sold since its launch.




In order to truly demonstrate the achievement that this is, the Galaxy S 4’s antecedent Galaxy S 3 took a 100 days to cross the 20 million barrier, while the S 4 itself has taken just 68 days. Although there tends to be a fair deal of controversy over how Samsung actually calculates these headlining figures (especially as there seems to be a great deal of ambiguity in the number of units shipped versus the number of units actually sold), there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that the S 4 has been the fastest selling Android device, ever.


The S 4 is expected to breach the 80 million mark by the end of this year, according to the projections of some analysts. Should it do so, it would also end up beating the S 3 over there, as the latter sold 60 million units in the same period last year.

All things considered, there seems to be little reason for anyone to call the Galaxy S 4 anything but an absolutely unqualified success for the Korean giant that is Samsung Electronics.




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