Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition Android 4.3 ROM ported to normal Galaxy S 4

Google has made a splash by expanding its Nexus brand of smartphones (which are loaded with stock Android) to flagships from Samsung and HTC. The ‘Google Play editions’ (as these flagships with stock Android are being called) are notable for the fact that they will be the first to get Android 4.3, along with the usual Nexus smartphones and tablets. Sammobile managed to get their hands on a test build of the upcoming version of Android that was meant for the Google Play edition of the Galaxy S 4, and they’ve ended up porting it to the normal version of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Read on to know more about it!






Sammobile claims that each and every feature from the ported Android 4.3 ROM is working on the standard Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GT – I9505) that’s powered by a Snapdragon processor. There is a disclaimer though – Android 4.3 is still not public yet. In all likelihood, its development hasn’t even been completed yet, and its features may be half-baked, at best.



Do remember that flashing this ROM (or, in fact, any ROM) will void your warranty. That means that should your phone be bricked, it will not be repaired despite being in the warranty period. Regardless, you can head along to Sammobile’s site here for more photos and detailed instructions about how to go about flashing stock Android 4.3 to a Samsung Galaxy S 4.



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