Rumor: iPad Mini 2 with Retina display may not be launched till early 2014?

We are never too far away from a day with a new rumors about upcoming iPad models, and today's been no different, as Apple Insider has cited a report from China's Economic Daily News in claiming that the iPad Mini 2 will not see a launch until early next year.





It has just been a couple of days since the rumors about the launch schedule of the fifth gen iPad (9.7 inch) and the second gen iPad Mini got leaked (or so it seemed). Those rumors indicated that while the full sized iPad was well on track for a September launch as expected, the iPad Mini 2 was giving the folks at Cupertino a fair headache, due to the various issues involved in actually building a tablet with a Retina display within the confines of the 7.9 inches of real estate provided by the iPad Mini. However, back then, it seemed to be dependent on whether Apple actually went ahead with fitting a high res display in the Mini 2 (and dealing with the delay), or let the status quo remain as it is. From the looks of it, Apple seems to have gone with the first option.


The first iPad Mini was extremely successful by all accounts, but its poor screen made it a subject of derision for both tech critics as well as the buying public. Apple seems to be insistent on making sure that the iPad Mini 2 ticks all possible boxes this time, but from the looks of it, it seems to be struggling with keeping up to a definite launch schedule after all.

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