Purported photos and video of low cost iPhone Lite get leaked

Techdy, an accessory reseller, posted images and a video of the rumored ‘iPhone Lite’ yesterday in its blog. The iPhone Lite is said to be a low cost variant of Apple’s premium iPhone series of smartphones, and has been the subject of feverish speculation for quite some time now, despite precious little proof to corroborate its existence. Now, however, these new photos of the display and rear shell of the iPhone Lite may just be a preliminary step towards confirming its existence after all! Read on to know more.






Apple has always been averse to getting into price wars with budget devices. The basis for this may be in the fact that low cost devices tend to have low margins as well. Moreover, their quality and reliability can often be called into question, and Apple has traditionally placed more importance on a premium user experience than on undercutting its competitors by lowering its own standards. Regardless, the current economic climate isn’t the easiest in the world, and as Samsung’s recent industry estimates have showed, sales for high end gadgets are reaching a plateau faster than ever before. The iPhone Lite could be a step in Apple reinventing itself for the changing circumstances in the iPhone dominated market for smartphones, just like it did with the iPad Mini.


Coming to Techdy’s photos of the iPhone Lite, it seems to lack any physical buttons at all, and we’re not talking about just the home button here. The images show a phone with no power or volume buttons, which does make these photos a little less credible, unless they’re of a prototype. Regardless, the phone itself does look quite minimalistic and easy on the eyes. Too bad that it’s probably not the final version of the iPhone Lite!






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