Popular iOS apps go free on the eve of the App Store’s 5th anniversary

Apple’s iTunes App Store will complete its 5th anniversary this week, and has seemingly gone from strength to strength, proving to be a massive success for both Apple itself, and the developers and content creators whose creations populate the Store itself. As it turns out, Apple is now offering a number of high profile, premium apps for free in the App Store, presumably in celebration of five very eventful and productive years for it. Read on to know more about them!





For starters, this new period of celebration has meant that some of the most famous games for iOS have gone free. These include Badland, Infinity Blade II, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Tiny Wings, and Disney’s Where's My Water?

Traktor DJ for iPad, Barefoot World Atlas, Day One, and Over are some of the other premium apps to have their prices slashed to nothing this week. Traktor DJ in particular stands out as an app that costs a whopping $19.99 usually, and with this price cut, it is available for free for a limited period of time.

One thing that is common to all of these apps and games is that they have never been on sale before, either as Apple’s official App of the Week, or otherwise, which makes this current offer something everyone should scramble to get to. Apple is yet to make any sort of official announcement regarding this sale as of yet, but presumably will in the coming day or two. Head to the App Store today to get your fill of some of the best apps that the iOS platform has to offer, all for free!



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