Detailed schematics of the iPad 5 get leaked; has thin, iPad Mini-esque profile

Rumors about the fifth gen iPad (or iPad 5, depending on what Apple decides to name it) seemed to have taken a backseat in recent weeks, what with the fuss about the WWDC, iOS 7, Mac OSX Mavericks, new Macbooks and the like. However, French tech site has leaked some schematics that are reportedly meant to represent the fifth gen iPad. Read on to know more about it!



The schematics leaked by the French site seem to conclusively prove that the upcoming iPad release will borrow heavily from the design principles of Apple’s very own iPad Mini. This means that the fifth gen iPad will have a much thinner bezel, more ‘straightness’, an extremely thin profile, speakers at the bottom rather than at the back (like previous full sized iPads), and rounded edges like the Mini. Although there isn’t any indication about the weight of the entire device, the design choices taken by Apple in its construction indicate that the rumors about the fifth gen iPad being a third lighter than the current 4th gen iPad may not be far off the mark.


Of course, there is no denying of the fact that this entire report may be a figment of someone’s imagination. There are no official sources of this leak cited, and the schematics may well have been created by anyone with enough time and patience in his / her hands. However, the general idea that the fifth gen iPad will be a larger iPad Mini physically seems to be an idea that has stuck, and there’s little to dispute that claim made so far.




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