Cal - a smart new calendar app from Any.Do


Any.Do is among the most popular time & task management apps around for both iOS and Android, as it is a rare app that finds just the right balance between minimalism and powerful functionality. The company behind the app has been hinting at expanding its suite of apps beyond just Any.Do itself, with email and calendar apps said to be their top priorities. As it turns out, they've just launched the latter with Cal - a new calendar app that the Any.Do team claims will "help you make the most of your day, find the balance in your life and have a good day, every day." Read on to know more about it!





Cal takes the clean and minimal approach of Any.Do and twists it a bit to make it even more pleasing to the eye. Every day gets a photo of its own to ensure that you aren't greeted by a customarily drab calendar first thing in the morning. It integrates with Any.Do to know the tasks that you've lined up in a day, along with rich graphics to illustrate maps, contact photos, large and clean reminders and the like.
All things considered, Cal does seem to be worth a shot as it seems to get a lot of the major things right a la Any.Do. However, if you're an iPad user you're in for some disappointment as the devs have still not launched a universal app for Cal. If you have an iPhone though, and if you are looking to try and reduce the clutter in your day, Cal could be a worthy option for you - in which case, head to the App Store and get Cal for free from the link here!


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