Apple testing 13 inch iPad and larger iPhone according to new reports

A new report in the Wall Street Journal indicates that in recent months Apple has been toying with prototypes of iPhone screens that are larger than 4 inches (like the iPhone 5), along with screen designs for a new iPad that would be around 13 inches in length diagonally. If true, this could be quite a development. Read on below the break to know more!






It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Apple under Steve Jobs was, for the lack of a better word, dogmatic. Jobs (and consequently, Apple) was adamant that a 3.5 inch form factor for the iPhone and 9.7 inch sized iPad were just the right sizes for phones and tablets respectively, despite the heavy influx of Android devices from manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, many of which did go on to do rather well. This was especially encapsulated by the success of the then gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Note 'phablet' - a phone that seemed to be ridiculously large and seemed to lack any kind of ergonomic positives, but went on to do rather well.

Eventually, the 'new' Apple led by Tim Cook went on to be more adventurous, by launching the 7.9 inch iPad Mini, and the 4 inch iPhone 5. It seemed to be very unlike Apple to actually bend over backwards in the face of public demand, but that's how things turned out, and both the devices went on to be monstrous successes.

It's quite likely that Apple is counting on its success at experimenting with new form factors and trying to 'create' new target consumer groups who'd be game for large tablets (along with leveraging the current demand for larger phones in the market). There's no guarantee that this rumor is true, or whether any of these designs will make it past the prototype stage, but if they do, they could signal a paradigm shift in Apple's product strategies.

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