Apple to launch iPad 5 in September, iPad Mini 2 to soon follow?

The 9.7 inch iPad 5 (or fifth gen iPad, depending on what you choose to call it) is well on track for its expected September launch, according to a new Digitimes report. Moreover, the report goes on to claim that the seemingly troubled launch of the second iPad Mini will go ahead shortly after the full sized iPad. Read on to know more about this after the break!




There has been a great deal of expectation about where Apple plans to take its iPad and iPad Mini line ahead in their upcoming iterations, but precious little is concretely known about either tablet as of yet. In fact, even their launch dates have been under a cloud, with the iPad Mini in particular said to be experiencing plenty of delays thanks to yield issues brought about by its (rumored) Retina display being fitted in to a 7.9 inch device.


The Digitimes report claims that the iPad Mini 2’s launch date is completely dependent on what call Apple takes with the problematic Retina display issue. If they decide to forgo it altogether, its launch could be expedited to a time period right on the heels of the iPad 5’s launch. However, a Retina Display equipped iPad Mini 2 could get a launch delayed all the way to the fourth quarter.


Apart from that, Apple is also said to be pushing for displays which lack any perceivable bezels, a la the smartphones from HTC and Samsung. It remains to be seen whether this will actually end up being in the final products as well.


Regardless, the die has been cast now from the looks of it, and more details about the two premier tablets of today should start pouring in every other week.

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