Apple may dump display makers AUO and turn to Samsung for producing 2nd gen iPad Mini displays

No one seems to have any real idea about when the 2nd gen iPad Mini will be out to the public for certain, with numerous reports predicting launch dates and then refuting them as well. What is not as uncertain is that the biggest issue with the upcoming iPad Mini's launch is in producing its displays. Almost all reports have been unanimous in stating that the yield issues being faced by Apple in producing a Retina display for the 7.9 inch screen of the iPad Mini have been the single major cause for the delays in its release. As it turns out, there seems to be a new report from Apple Insider (sourced from the Chinese ET News website) that reiterates the same, as Apple seems to be planning to ditch AUO Optronics (who've made their name with their IGZO displays), and turning to its frenemy - Samsung. Read on below the break to know more!





Apple wanted to use the AUO IGZO displays, despite the yield issues, due to their power efficiency, according to the report said. Moreover, the prices quoted were also highly competitive, apparently, but supply deadlines kept getting missed, to the point that Apple has turned to Samsung to make up for the production shortfall now.
The antagonistic, and yet symbiotic relationship between Apple and Samsung has reached a point beyond being puzzling, and is probably just amusing now. The two companies have been embroiled in high profile legal cases worth billions of dollars, but Samsung depends on Apple as a huge client for the hardware it produces, and Apple inevitably turns to Samsung for its pressing hardware needs, despite clearly making efforts to look for alternatives. Let's see what this strange relationship goes on to do in the coming months!

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