Samsung rumored to produce 7.9 inch Retina displays for Apple’s iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 has been a favorite subject of the rumor mill, as its predecessor, the first iPad Mini, was a decent but slightly underwhelming device. One of the key improvements expected this time around is in its screen, as the mediocre, previous gen resolution of 1024 x 768 found in the first iPad Mini is expected to be upgraded to a Retina Display level resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels for the iPad Mini 2. The latest rumor seems to indicate that the two strangest bedfellows in the world of tech – Samsung and Apple – are going to collaborate on making the latter’s vision for the iPad Mini 2 a reality. Read on to know more about it.






Apple Insider cites a report from Korea’s ET News in order to claim that the iPad Mini 2 that is being touted for a late 2013 launch is going to be supplied by Samsung.


Although Samsung and Apple have been frequent collaborators in almost every iOS device launched by Apple, Samsung’s own forays in to the consumer technology world have put a severe strain on their once amicable relationship. Suits and countersuits amounting to billions of dollars in claimed settlements have been par for the course for quite some time now.


There have been various news reports about the struggles of other smaller display suppliers such as AU Optronics and Sharp in making the iPad Mini 2’s much rumored yield issues go away.


There isn’t any doubt in most people’s minds that a Retina Display is the way to go for the next iPad Mini, and if Samsung and Apple can set their differences aside to make yet another truly great iOS device.

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