Samsung to launch new Galaxy S4 with advanced 4G internet

Samsung is planning to launch yet another variation of its Galaxy S4 smartphone this month. The co-chief executive of Samsung, JK Shin, has told the press that this model will be released for the Korean public and will have advanced 4G internet feature. Advanced 4G internet means that the phone will be able to transmit data twice as fast as the original model.



Samsung has reportedly been talking to carriers across the world about launching this version of Galaxy S4. In his interview with Reuters, JK Shin refused to divulge any details about the carriers that might get this phone. However it’s clear that the phone will appear in South Korea before anywhere else.

The technology used in these phones is an upgrade over the conventional LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. This Qualcomm powered chip will use an advanced LTE technology to dramatically increase the data transfer speed.


Although Samsung is still the leader in the smartphone market, in terms of revenue generated, the recent downfall in its shares is discouraging. Another setback to Samsung was the cutback in sales forecasts for its flagship, Galaxy S4. This indicates that the smartphone market might have reached a saturation point.


So far, Samsung has not expressed any concerns over the fall in its shares, maintaining that the Galaxy S4’s sales have been far better than its predecessor’s sales. This is pretty much why Samsung has been releasing so many Galaxy S4 companion smartphones such as S4 Active, S4 Zoom and now S4 with advanced LTE.

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