Samsung increases the production of OLED panels

A recent research done by DisplaySearch reveals that Samsung has increased the production of its OLED panels. The research indicates that Samsung has almost doubled the output of these displays from last year, and the net output is expected to reach 217 million units, as compared to 134 million units made last year.


Samsung is by far the biggest manufacturer of OLED displays, and uses it extensively in almost all its devices. The phenomenal success of Samsung Galaxy S4, which uses these panels, has solidified the status of these displays as one of the best in the market. The huge demand for OLED panels has to be met with an increased supply, which prompted Samsung to setup an OLED factory.


Other cellphone makers have also expressed their deep interest in the OLED technology, further adding to the increased demand. RIM has confirmed that OLED displays will be used in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones. Motorola is another OEM that used OLED displays in its smartphones. Google has recently signed a deal with Samsung for OLED displays, which will be used in Google Glass. The reasons behind this deal are pretty simple: OLED displays are highly durable, flexible and can be made transparent. Samsung has also been using these panels to manufacture ultra-thin televisions.


OLED displays are undoubtedly Samsung’s future, which is why Samsung is taking their production very seriously. This increase in the number of units manufactured per year is expected to keep growing well into 2014.

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