Samsung Galaxy S 4 Software Update Increases Space for Apps, Among Other Improvements

One of the biggest issues faced by Samsung Galaxy S 4 users from the very day of its launch was the rather meager amount of internal storage accessible for installing apps and other content. For instance, the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S 4 had only 9.1 GB of internal memory usable for end users, and that proved to be quite a disappointment for consumers because Samsung’s marketing material had simply no mention of any such limitation whatsoever. This issue has been done away with in a new software update that has started rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 over the last few days, and there are quite a few improvements and bug fixes brought in by the new update as well. Read on to know more about them.







The Galaxy S 4 software update has updated the firmware of the camera, for starters. Now, it allows HDR Video recording (and playback as well). Moreover, the rather strange purple banding/ smearing issue while scrolling has been fixed as well in the update. A Smart Pause Toggle button has also been added, for anyone wishing to quickly add / remove the much advertised S 4 feature where a playing video will get paused on looking away from the phone. The strange limitation where no apps were moveable to the SD Card has been done away with as well. The update happens to bring a semi-transparent status bar in the UI of the S 4. Icons in the Settings Menu have been refreshed as well. There is a secure boot status now in About Phone (within Settings). There’s a new feature where the legibility of the display has been improved too. Finally, the controversial lack of user accessible storage has been mitigated to a certain extent, as it has been increased by about 100 MB in the new update.


The S 4 software update is currently available only to users in Germany. It is 365 MB in size and will be available as a OTA update globally in due time.





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