Samsung to collaborate with Jay-Z: Could this be HTC with Beats Audio 2.0?

There have been some vague rumors about a partnership between Samsung and leading hip-hop mogul Jay-Z for quite some time now, but with no real basis in terms of sources, they seemed rather outlandish and derivative of the corresponding deal between HTC and Beats by Dr. Dre for bringing Beats Audio technology to HTC smartphones and tablets. Put all the doubts about that in a bin now, however, as the latest reports seem to make that much more of an eventuality than a rumor. Leading press outlets received an invite to tune into the NBA finals this Sunday, with the hip-hop star’s name boldly emblazoned across the screen of a Samsung galaxy S 4.











The digital invite asks its recipients to “Tune in, [and] turn up the volume”. This has added further credence to the rumors about the deal between Jay-Z and Samsung. The specifics about this deal remain sketchy at this point, but industry chatter indicates that it will be a streaming music deal with Jay-Z’s famous Roc Nation entertainment label to reach Samsung’s hordes of smartphones and tablets exclusively.


While this deal has parallels with the aforementioned HTC-Beats deal, it does have some significant differences. The $300 million Beats Audio tech deal made all HTC devices get the sound enhancement technology from Beats exclusively. Beats itself is a brand that is branched off from boutique cable maker Monster, and was taken over by another hip-hop start Dr. Dre, and music industry exec Jimmy Iovine.


In all likelihood, the Samsung-Jay-Z deal will definitely not be as intrinsically linked (or as expensive) as the HTC-Beats deal. Regardless, Jay-Z has a huge branding appeal, and this deal could help push the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to more iPhone-toting people out there.











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