A roundup of Google Reader alternatives

Fans of Google Reader will know that Google is terminating the service this Monday. Although this news came as a major disappointment for many people, there are plenty of alternatives to Google Reader that perform just as well. But before moving on to another service, you should probably use the Google Takeout feature to download a zip file of all your data on the Google Reader.



The best alternative to Google Reader right now is Feedly. Feedly is not a new service and has been around for quite some time. Over the years it has evolved into a feature rich RSS reader with a strong customer base. Feedly is available for both iOS and Android, as well as a web client.


Another reader that deserves a mention is the Digg Reader. The core RSS reading functionality isn’t available for everyone yet and is currently in beta, but the team behind it is working tirelessly to get it ready. The Digg reader has a clean user interface and supports integration with various read it later services as well as social networks. Digg reader is available as a web app and an iOS app, with an Android version coming in the next few weeks.


Feedbin is a paid alternative, and has almost all thebasic features of the Google Reader. Feedbin’s API powers a lot of third party apps which help keep all user feeds in sync. There is no iOS or Android app as of now, and the web version of the services costs $2 per month.

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