iOS 7 to help make iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 even better gaming devices?

Apple announced its new iOS 7 SDK (software development kit) at the WWDC recently, and one of the crucial features that caught tech watchers’ attention was the Game Controller API that’s part of the SDK. Apple hasn’t exactly been receptive to game controllers for the iPhone or iPad in all the years that iOS has been around, and this new development signals a paradigm shift in their approach to external hardware. 9to5 Mac have been doing some digging about all this, and they’ve managed to find some of the clearest details about this new API. Read on to know more about what this means for future iOS devices!




The new Game Controller framework provided by iOS 7 (as well as Mac OSX v10.9 Mavericks) makes it easy to find controllers connected to iOS (and Mac) devices, in the words of Apple. When detected, a game can then detect what you do on the controller as stimuli for controlling the game you’re playing. Apple has three kinds of hardware controllers in mind, with the new Game Controller framework. The first is what Apple calls a ‘standard form fitting controller’. This lets an iDevice (let’s say, an iPad 5) rest on/within the controller, while both the iPad 5’s screen as well as the controls are accessible to the user easily. The second is a variant of the first kind of controller, and it’s called an extended form fitting controller. The third variant is the wireless kind that reduce the hassle of wires sticking out of the sides of your iPad 5 while giving you a more ergonomic gaming experience in general.


This clearly indicates that Apple is going one step further in pushing its next generation iPads (iPad 5 as well as the iPad Mini) as definitive console replacements. Consoles have already been struggling to put up very significant sales with the booming popularity of Android and iOS tablets, and as the recent Xbox One debacle shows, things aren’t exactly expected to be on the mend anytime soon. If this works out well, iPads could be the premier gaming devices of the world!

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