Samsung to do away with low storage issue in Galaxy S 4 smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone faced a fair bit of flak on its release a few weeks back, as there seemed to be many a slip between the cup and the lip when it came to its internal storage memory. The Korean giant had been advertising storage space that was almost twice as much as that which was actually available to end users (that is, the customers), and the backlash regarding this has led to Samsung claiming that they will rectify the low storage issue in the S 4 at the earliest.




Samsung has launched a number of new software tweaks / gimmicks (call them as you may) to give the Galaxy S 4 some unique and marketable features in an increasingly congested smartphone market. This came at an obvious cost though – the new software additions ended up being bloated in size and blocked up crucial user memory in place of data that they actually could get some use out of.


After being featured in BBC’s (in)famous Watchdog program, Samsung has finally been spurred onto action and it claims that the Galaxy S 4 will receive software optimizations in order to ensure that its various software features take up a lower memory footprint. Samsung has also promised to improve its communications to the public in order to make the public fully aware of issues like this.


Samsung seems to be taking a less hardline stance to this entire controversy than before, when it claimed that the ‘powerful’ features of the TouchWiz software powering the S 4 needed the extra memory, and there were no two ways about it. Under duress or otherwise, Samsung’s latest announcement indicates a more proactive and consumer friendly stance than before.




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