Samsung justifies low storage space in its 16 GB Galaxy S 4 smartphone

Samsung launched its newest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, with much fanfare last month. While the reviews were rather good, they weren’t exactly glowing either. However, as consumers start getting their hands on the S 4 globally, one common complaint has surfaced across plenty of buyers cutting across all lines – the fact that there is a massive difference between the advertised storage space in the S 4, and the actual storage available to consumers. As it turns out, Samsung has now explained the reasons for the presence of this strange disparity to CNET.





There is always a difference between the marketed and real storage in devices, and that is unavoidable due to the presence of an operating system powering the device. Most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets have a GB or two less than their storage than expected due to the OS’ in them. Windows 8 ended up taking a whopping 10 GB of storage in Microsoft’s Surface tablet, but given that the Redmond company was trying to fit in an OS meant for a full fledged desktop in its tablets.


But Samsung has really taken the cake due to the hubris of adding in gimmicky software flourishes that seem to serve no distinct purpose (when they work), and are unremovable to boot. Samsung has gone on to claim that its expandable memory (thanks to a microSD slot in it – which is a rarity these days given that most companies are going the Apple way and removing such slots altogether).

It would be tough to classify what Samsung is doing with its promotional efforts as false advertising, but it’s high time that consumers be made aware of all the fine print in the smartphones and tablets that they buy.


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