Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom to launch soon?

There have been rumors about Samsung’s plans to launch multiple variants of its flagship Galaxy S 4 smartphone – phones that would be considered to be S 4 ‘mini’ versions, and all of which would have unique features to be differentiated with. Speculation about one of these S 4 ‘mini’ variants is gathering steam now, and it is being dubbed the Galaxy S 4 Zoom. From the looks of it, the S 4 Zoom is one smartphone that definitely lives up to the general moniker of being a *camera* phone, going by the looks of it. Read on to find out more about it!




The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom seems to be an amalgamation of the ubiquitous Galaxy S 4 and the underwhelming Galaxy Camera. Just like the latter, the S 4 Zoom has a 16 MP shooter. But unlike the Galaxy Camera’s 21x zoom, this S 4 Zoom has 10x optical zoom. While this may not sound much, it is actually quite a feat, given the thin dimensions involved in it. A traditional smartphone camera such as, say, even the one found in Samsung’s top of the line S 4, only has digital zoom. This effectively means that instead of the camera sensor taking in more detail according to how you see fit, a camera with digital zoom replicates that effect artificially by blowing up the pixels captured by the existing camera. This inevitably leads to massive losses in image quality.

The 10x optical zoom found in the S 4 Zoom may be a rare case of a decent smartphone truly having a dedicated camera. The specs of the S 4 Zoom aren’t exactly top notch, but with a 4.3" qHD Super AMOLED screen, along with 8GB of expandable storage, most users should be able to make do with it. If Samsung promotes it well enough, the S 4 Zoom may just prove to be success for it after all.



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