Samsung attacks Apple’s iPhone again in a new Galaxy S 4 ad


It has been a while since Samsung has been borrowing the core ideas from Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign in the way they aggressively compare their own product with a competitor. The Korean company has Apple itself in its crosshairs of course, and has frequently tried painting all iPhone users as hipsters and mindless sheep who are obsessive about getting an iPhone simply because it is an iPhone. The ads may have met with a mixed reception, but they grabbed eyeballs and attention for Samsung’s last flagship phone, the Galaxy S 3. Now, a TV spot for the new flagship, the S 4, takes subtle shots at Apple while demonstrating its own features.





The ad is titled ‘Graduation Pool Party’, and at this pool party, all the cool kids have a Galaxy S 4, while only the parents have the iPhone.

The ad shows situations such as one guy having some ‘insane’ ribs, but despite the fact that ribs can be rather messy, all it takes is one swipe in the air (thanks to the Air View feature in the S 4) to answer a call.

In another snippet, a female guest at the party shares a photo with her friend by simply making their Galaxy S 4’s touch each other. This of course is Samsung showing off the S Beam wireless sharing feature in its flagship. This bit was punctuated by the parents wanting to do the same thing, but as it turned out, they couldn’t because they had iPhones. The ad then moves on to some asides with the father wondering why his phone is worse than the S 4.


While the software features of the Galaxy S 4 have been dismissed as gimmicky by various critics, the objective of these ads has been to attack the user base of Apple itself, and the features invariably end up taking a backseat to Samsung’s own vendettas.

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