Google launching Nexus version of Samsung Galaxy S 4 on June 26th for $649

Google’s ongoing Google I/O 2013 event has had some interesting talking points, but one of the headlining ones is that the Mountain View giant will be launching a Nexus version of the flagship Samsung Android smartphone – the Galaxy S 4 – next month, on the 26th of June, for $649. Nexus devices have always been held in high regard by users and critics compared to pretty much any other branded Android phone or tablet, and consolidating the Nexus brand with the powerful hardware seen in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 could prove to be an excellent idea. Read on to know more about the Nexus Galaxy S 4!







The Nexus edition of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be a completely unlocked device priced at $649, and it will clearly run stock Android, and plenty of users would be glad to use the Galaxy S 4’s hardware shorn of the improved but still obtrusive TouchWiz UI that Samsung insists on slapping on to all of its devices’ firmwares. The Nexus S 4 will also have an unlocked bootloader as expected, making rooting and changing ROMs a piece of cake for modders, unlike the S 4 which has been posing significant problems to plenty of the usual ROM-making folks.


The Nexus S 4 will run on both AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE networks, and will have 16 GB of storage. While its price tag is likely to burn a hole in most pockets, it is actually par for the course for unlocked versions of flagship Android phones anyway. What remains to be seen is whether this version of the S 4 catches on in the face of the relentless promotion that Samsung does for its own version of its phone.





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