Galaxy Note 3 specs get leaked – Snapdragon processor, powerful camera highlights of much awaited heir to the phablet throne

There have been rumors swirling around about the Samsung Galaxy Note III over the last couple of days, and from the looks of it, the Korean electronics giant have spared no cost in tweaking an already popular device to make it even better than before, as the Galaxy Note 3 reportedly features a 13 MP camera and a Snapdragon 800 processor (which is quite unlike Samsung’s general strategy of featuring its own in-house Exynos chipset in almost all of its flagship devices).






The Samsung Galaxy Note series of tablets and smartphones (or phablets - the popular portmanteau term for smartphones as large as the Note and Note 2) have been single handedly behind creating what had been a non existent market niche , that of oversized smartphone / tablet hybrids, in to a highly profitable market. Although almost all modern smartphone flagships have approached the 5 inch size barrier in the time since the first Galaxy Note’s launch, its stylus based UI and a screen size that seems to increase with every successive Note launch has still kept this series of Samsung phablets alive and kicking, to say the least.


The Note 3 is expected to see a launch in the IFA 2013 to be held in Berlin this year, and it is widely expected to be accompanied by the Galaxy Tab 3 in the launch event. With a 6 inch 2560×2048 pixels display, quad core Snapdragon processor, Super AMOLED display and the latest Android to be launched in between now and the final launch date, the Note 3 will certainly be no slouch in the smartphone wars to put it mildly.




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