Canadian Galaxy S 4 gets early build of CyanogenMod 10.1

Despite the rumors that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line of smartphones made it too difficult for ROM developers to actually make any custom firmwares for the new S 4, it turns out that the Canadian variant of the Galaxy S 4 has had an early build of the popular CyanogenMOD released for it.




CyanogenMOD has been the ROM of choice for an overwhelming majority of Android modders around the world. As one of the few Android ROMs to be built and designed by teams of developers, it tends to have the fewest number of bugs (which are all too prevalent in most Android ROMs available in the likes of XDA), while also having the most polished and comprehensive feature set across most ROMs. Samsung phones have been a particular subject of mods from budding modders around the world, and CyanogenMOD became popular to such an extent that the entire Cyanogen project’s founder, Steve Kondik, was offered a job at Samsung’s own offices, until he left a couple of months back in rather acrimonious circumstances.


With Samsung’s awful Touch Wiz UI being as unpopular as it always has been, even the revamped      version that’s seen in the new S 3 and S 4 smartphones have been criticized to a great degree. CM 10.1 is perfect for those of you who don’t mind voiding the warranty of your new S 4 phone, as long as you get Touch Wiz off it. It still has some major bugs though, being an early build: NFC doesn’t work, nor does mounting an external microSD card. If you still don’t mind taking a risk, get it for your phone today!




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