Apple’s iPad 5th gen to reportedly debut after iPhone 5S and have rear mic


The speculation related to Apple’s next series of devices is slowly starting to gain steam, and will presumably reach a fever pitch as the next few months pass by. Apple Insider has cited a report from the prominent Japanese Apple watcher website Macotakara in which the iPad 5 (or the 5th gen iPad as Apple is likely to call it) is unsurprisingly being expected to release in late 2013, but apparently its launch will be preceded by what Macotakara calls the iPhone 5S. Moreover, the upcoming iPad 5th gen is expected to feature a rear mic as well.







The Macotakara report indicates that the iPad 5th gen will have a rear mic right beside the camera, quite like the iPhone 5. It will also reportedly adopt some of the design that has gone into making the iPad Mini, with more emphases on the screen, along with a lack of heft. In other words, the iPad 5 will have a thinner bezel and will be considerably lighter and thinner than its predecessor.



With the iPad Mini 2 expected to launch in the same period of late 2013 as the 5th gen iPad, Apple certainly will need a few more tricks up its sleeve in order to make the bulkier and more expensive tablet in its repertoire continue to hemorrhage buyers to the iPad Mini. In any case, stay tuned, as any possible new additions to discussed and dissected over the next few months!

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