Tweetdeck for iPhone to stop working on May 7

Tweetdeck was a reasonably popular Twitter client that saw its popularity gradually ebb away especially after its acquisition by Twitter. Recognizing this fact, along with its strategy of pushing mobile users on to its default official Twitter app, Twitter Inc. is shuttering off Tweekdeck for the iPhone, Android and AIR platforms.




Twitter Inc. in its statement has claimed that the number of mobile users of Tweetdeck had gradually dwindled over the last few months, forcing them to take this decision. In fact, this has not really come as much of a surprise as Twitter had announced its plans to shutter off Tweetdeck in a matter of time anyway. Along with doing away with the mobile platforms, the AIR powered desktop version was already far too clunky and buggy to have any significant level of popularity in any case, and it sees the cull as well.


In the midst of all this, what stays though is the Tweetdeck Chrome web app. As a standalone Twitter extension, Tweetdeck works quite well in Chrome, with a clean interface and light UI. However, it also happened to have Facebook integrated into it, and that is facing the chop as well.


Twitter Inc. has been on a mission to push its users onto its own mobile and web platforms at all costs now for quite some time, as its draconian API rules have crippled the most popular Twitter clients around. As it turns out, even its own acquisitions aren’t spared of Twitter’s wrath after all.



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