Status Board: An Impressive New iPad App

One of the major quibbles that Android users tend to have when switching over to iOS is the lack of widget support in the latter. Widgets are, of course, smaller versions of apps that give users quick access to the relevant data that they want right at their homescreens. Given that iOS doesn’t quick have homescreens per se, its widget support was limited to just the like of stocks and weather widgets in the notification center. But that may be about to change as a new app makes it a lot simpler to access a lot more information at the same time. It’s called Status Board, and it is a widget hub for the iPad from a developer named Panic.





There are 6 widget panels available in the $9.99 app from Panic. They include – a clock, a weather panel, a calendar, mail, your Twitter feed, and RSS feed from the sites of your choice. While this may seem to be fairly limited for the time being, it probably brings to the fore the widgets that a typical user would need the most, and it’s all in one very polished package within Status Board. You can customize your panels according to your discretion – resize them, make the layout portrait only or landscape only, how your feeds actually work, and the like. There is also an in app purchase of a TV Out that makes it easy to view your widget panels on a larger screen through HDMI or Airplay. However, that’s a bit pricy in itself, given that it costs another $9.99 to enable this feature.



You can get Status Board from the App Store for your iPad from here.


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