Samsung to do away with its plasticky builds for next gen Galaxy devices?

Samsung has always had a tendency to make its phone hardware out of plastic. Not polycarbonate or any other fancy material; just pure plastic. This has been a major pet peeve for a huge section of its critics as well as its customers. Despite facing plenty of criticism down the years for the same issue, Samsung has stuck to its guns, and hasn’t exactly had to pay for it because its Android smartphones have been well rounded and intelligently priced enough for them to be the best choice compared to phones and tablets from the likes of other Android OEMs such as HTC and Motorola. However, the gap in device specs between the also rans and Samsung has been getting narrowed down with every passing year, to the point that the current flagships of HTC and Samsung – HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 – are both excellent devices, each with a USP of its own. This has meant that the prickly issue of build quality has a far greater chance of affecting consumer choices and tilting them towards the premium looking HTC One (along with the usual suspect – the Apple iPhone).





SamMobile’s sources claim that Samsung has been worried by the brilliant design and sleek build quality of the aluminum bodied HTC One. The next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy Note III, will probably end up using better quality materials as opposed to the cheap plastic template set by the likes of the Note II and Galaxy S 4. Apparently the S 4 did have a metal variant but Samsung didn’t have the resources to bring it out for mass production in time.


Samsung fans will fervently hope that the Korean giant finally decides to bite the design bullet and offer more bang for the buck from its next set of smartphones. According to the SamMobile report, they thankfully are on the right track.

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